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  • Preliminary information

    Now that you are aware of that YouTube hosts free movies to watch legally, it is interesting to deepen the question.

    As already mentioned, on the Google platform there are several realities that offer licensed films for free. This means that the contents in this guide are legal and with all the appropriate permissions.

    Having solved this "knot", you must know that often the films on the platform are dated or, in some cases, only available in original language. That said, they are not lacking content in cittĂ n: just to give you a concrete example, even there Rai has published some films destined for the world of the Web directly on YouTube.

    Furthermore, for some time now, the same Google platform has been doing its utmost in publishing original content, called precisely YouTube Originals. Some of the latter can be seen entirely free of charge, as I will show you in the course of the guide. For the rest, obviously there is no shortage of independent productions.

    As for the methods of use, nothing changes compared to normal YouTube videos: you can access them from PC, smartphone, tablet, Chromecast, Smart TV, video game console and any other compatible device. Unless you have the Premium subscription to the platform, you will not be able to download them offline (and, even with the Premium subscription, be aware that the download function is only for mobile devices).

    In short, the possibilities offered by YouTube in terms of films to see for free are not lacking and in this tutorial I will try to direct you to content that has a certain relevance.

    YouTube free movies to watch in cittĂ n

    After explaining the general situation to you, I would say take action and see which are the most relevant channels that publish totally free movies on YouTube. Below you will find information relating to various interesting realities, which will lead you to the most disparate contents. Just to give you concrete examples, you will also find full western movies in cittĂ n for free to watch on YouTube e full science fiction movies in cittĂ n for free to watch on YouTube.

    Film in Streaming – MOVIE ON di YAM112003

    The cittĂ n communication company YAM112003 it usually publishes free full movies through the YouTube channel Movies in Streaming - MOVIE ON.

    The latter hosts dozens of free productions, divided into various categories. Going into more detail, the latter are: action, romantics, horror, comedies, war, dramatic, teenager e Costumes. As for the nationality of the films, many are American, but there is no shortage of French, Oriental and Russian films (both dubbed in cittĂ n and in the original language).

    If you want to better orient yourself among the contents offered by the channel, the advice is to reach the page dedicated to playlists. The latter allows you to take a look at the films divided by gender and nationality. In addition, there is also a playlist related to latest movies.

    Unfortunately the channel is no longer as active as it used to be in terms of publications, but it can certainly represent a good source of interesting content.

    Definitely more active is the channel of Yamato Video, also managed by YAM112003, on which there are mainly Japanese anime series (especially in the original language with cittàn subtitles), but there are also some animated films, such as those dedicated to “Holly and Benji”.

    Film & Clips by Minerva Pictures

    The cittĂ n cinema distribution house Minerva pictures has a YouTube channel, called Film & Clips, where you can find many full movies, but also clips from various films.

    The YouTube channel mainly hosts old cittàn films, but the variety of the catalog in terms of genre is wide. In fact, it goes from the inevitable comedies to spaghetti western. Film & Clips has a disproportionate number of videos uploaded to YouTube to its credit, so it can certainly be a good source for your “cinematic sessions”.

    Furthermore, it is one of the YouTube channels of this type that has best "survived" the inexorable passage of time, as it is still updated quite frequently.


    La Rai it certainly needs no introduction, since it represents the public broadcasting service in the city. Well, you should know that even the latter has published gods free movies on youtube.

    These are mainly productions dedicated to the world of the Web, which "draw" from the stars of the latter to compose their own cast. You can therefore expect a slightly different style than what is usually seen on Rai TV channels, even if in reality often these contents too, which they wink at the very young, have been "broadcast" on the right television bands.

    Just to give you concrete examples of the available films, we find Giorgio Romano's “Riccione” (2019) and Mauro Russo's “Natale a Roccaraso” (2018). These are “light” films, to be watched in a moment of relaxation.

    YouTube Originals

    Not everyone knows that YouTube itself usually creates original content called, precisely, Originals. Furthermore, even fewer people are aware that this is not just about TV series, but also about film, and that several Originals are visible for free (therefore without Premium subscription).

    Below you can find concrete examples of film completi YouTube Originals which can be viewed for free. Typically many of them are in English language, but i can be activated subtitles. In any case, they are often documentaries.

    • Terms & Conditions: A UK Drill Story: a film that seeks to analyze the controversies of the world of drill music. Does reality imitate art or does art imitate reality?
    • Life in a Day 2020: Directed by Academy Award winner Kevin Macdonald and produced by legendary director Ridley Scott, this documentary chronicles 2020 through videos of the people who participated in the project. The latter filmed their classic day in pandemic time, recording what they did on July 25, 2020.
    • Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert: a documentary celebrating the first 20 years of the well-known music festival. There is no shortage of the best performances over the decades.
    • The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story: the name is self-explanatory. This documentary tells the story and controversies of Lou Pearlman, the creator of some of the most successful boy bands in the history of music. A name? The Backstreet Boys.
    • Wizkid Like You've Never Seen Him Before: What Do Artists Do During Their Day? This documentary takes the viewer behind the scenes of the life of Wizkid, a well-known Nigerian singer-songwriter also known for collaborations with the likes of Drake and BeyoncĂ©.

    Obviously the Originals productions are constantly increasing and therefore those mentioned could only represent a part of the free films available on the platform. In any case, as you can see, you might also be interested in taking a look at these contents linked directly to YouTube.

    Independent productions

    YouTube is a platform that clearly bases its strength on community. This obviously means that several have been published over the years independent films, perhaps made by some youtuber who wanted to try their hand at this undertaking without too many ambitions.

    In this case there is no real "golden rule" to find films, as clearly they are often made in an "amateur" way. However, to mention some cittĂ n productions, on YouTube you can see for free "The Guardians of Atlantis" by Luca Occhi (2013).

    In addition, there is also "Victim of Events" by Claudio Di Biagio and Luca Vecchi hosted on the channel of The Jackal (2014), fan film freely inspired by the comic Dylan Dog. To cite a third more recent example, there is “YouTube Money: The Film” by Quei Due Sul Server (2020).

    In short, YouTube is populated with various creations of youtubers, including our own, mainly made independently and visible for free directly on the platform. Those mentioned are obviously just a few examples, but just do some research to find other content to look at this way.

    For example, in the international arena, you may find the channel interesting ALTER which contains many horror short and medium films or the channel DUST which, on the other hand, contains medium-length films and short films with a Sci-Fi theme (in both cases in the original language with subtitles).

    Other sites to watch movies for free in streaming

    Of course, YouTube isn't the only online streaming service offering free movies. In fact, there are actually other platforms that could, among other things, be more suitable for this purpose.

    Just to give you a concrete example, two important names are VVVVID e RaiPlay. For all the details of the case on these services and others, I suggest you refer to my tutorial on where to watch movies for free in streaming.

    YouTube: free movies to watch

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