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    MacX YouTube Downloader

    MacX YouTube Downloader is one of the best programs for YouTube Mac, through which it is possible download youtube videos on your computer in an extremely convenient, simple and fast way. To use it, simply paste the address of the video to download into the software and the software automatically detects download links in various formats, such as MP4, WebM and FLV. It also supports YouTube HD videos and allows you to download multiple movies automatically in sequence. Videos in MP4 format can be automatically copied to the iTunes library and transferred to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Download from here.

    MediaHuman YouTube to MP3

    As his name suggests instantly, MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 is a program that allows you to extrapolate video from youtube videos and convert it to MP3 or AAC songs. It is extremely easy to use and includes many advanced features, such as clipboard monitoring, automatic adding of downloaded songs to iTunes library, downloading YouTube playlists, editing MP3 tags and much more. It is compatible not only with Mac OS X but also with Windows. Download from here.


    Moso is a free app for Mac that allows you to make spectacular videos for YouTube including soundtrack, titles and special effects without being video editing experts. It is extremely easy to use and allows you to record video in real time using the webcam included in the Mac. It supports adding background music, opening titles, credits, sound effects, photos, texts and more to the videos to make them more professional and originals. It is available on the Mac App Store. Download from here.

    Tube Controller

    Tube Controller it's a programma per YouTube Mac very useful (or rather, comfortable) that allows you to control the playback of YouTube videos from the Mac keyboard, using the media keys you normally use to control iTunes or QuickTime. To use it, just start it and the software is positioned in the notification area of ​​the Mac allowing you to pause YouTube videos, resume playback, go back and forth using only the multimedia keys of the keyboard. It is available in the Mac App Store. Download from here.


    Miro it's a software multimediale all-in-one free and open source that allows you to play all major video and audio file formats but, above all, to download / view videos from various online sources. Among these there is also YouTube, which can be used as a reservoir of interesting videos to download and store locally for viewing on computers or mobile devices. It includes many other predefined “channels” (such as Hulu) but allows you to add customized audio / video podcasts to your library in just a few clicks. It is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Download from here.


    Even if the standard HTML5 is gaining momentum, there are still many YouTube videos that are played with the help of by default Flash Player, which, as known, on Mac gives various problems of CPU overload, often slowing down the entire system. ClickToPlugin is a great add-on for Safari which blocks the automatic execution of plugins such as Flash Player and force YouTube to play all videos in HTML5 with a very comfortable and light custom player. Download from here.

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