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    You will probably be surprised to read the YouTube name in this guide dedicated to programs for Youtube intro. In fact, not many people are aware of it, but YouTube itself offers an easy, fast and affordable tool for everyone to create intros for their Youtube channel. In fact, the video sharing platform integrates a small software available online that allows you to carry out basic editing of the uploaded videos, but also to create mixes of videos available and usable for free, thanks to the Creative Commons license. In this way, if you have a recently opened YouTube channel, you are not very familiar with video editing programs and you have above all basic needs, I absolutely recommend that you take a look at this free Youtube tool.

    How to use the built-in YouTube editor to create an intro for your Youtube channel? It's very simple, I'll explain it below. First of all, you will have to go to the official Youtube site and log in to the platform by pressing the button Log in that you find at the top right. At this point, choose the Google account linked to your YouTube account and log in by entering the login data, if necessary, such as Username e Password and then pressing on NEXT.

    At this point you will need to enter the YouTube admin panel to be able to use the video editing tool. To do this, click on the thumbnail of your icon located at the top right and, from the menu that opens, click on the item Creator Studio.

    In this way you will have logged into your account and you will find yourself in the section dedicated to the "behind the scenes" of your Youtube channel, whose primary panel is the Dashboard. What interests you, however, in this section with countless features, is the video editing tool. For this, from the side drop-down menu press on the item Crea and then Editor Video. In the screen that appears, you will thus have the YouTube editor available that will allow you to edit the videos uploaded to your channel directly online. If you want to create a video from scratch, click on the button Project and then on +New project.

    The editor advanced that you will find in this section will allow you to create an introduction video from scratch and will allow you to access various tools for editing your videos; You can thus create an intro video for YouTube by customizing it with writings and various effects.

    Adobe After Effects

    In a guide dedicated to the best programs and tools for creating YouTube intro videos, one cannot avoid mentioning Adobe After Effects It is in fact a well-known and advanced professional program that is used for the creation of videos as it represents one of the most advanced solutions for the creation of graphic animations rich in effects and customizations of all kinds.

    If you are looking for a professional program to make YouTube intros and are willing to spend some money to invest in your channel, definitely contact Adobe After Effects. The program is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and is therefore paid. Prices vary depending on whether you intend to make a personal one, if you want to buy it for the company or if you are a student; in any case we are talking about subscribing to a monthly subscription of at least € 19,83 per month. Although the software is paid but is available in one free trial version which allows you to test all its functions for a period of 30 days. You can download it from here.

    Definitely, Adobe After Effects It is definitely one of the YouTube intro programs most used in the world. Unfortunately, despite its many strengths, it cannot be said that it is simple to use, especially at first glance. On the other hand, however, since it is a historical and widely used program, on the Web there are many tutorials on how to use it to create intros for YouTube videos.

    Online Video Maker (Flixpress)

    Another great one online service that allows create intros for youtube in an extremely simple way, without installing software on the PC is given by the service offered by the Online Video Maker website.

    Its operation is extremely fast: once you have registered free to the service, you will have numerous predefined templates available to create an introductory video. However, there will be limitations with the creation of a free account, as only some templates will be available and usable for free. In fact, the service is supported by the possibility of subscribing to a paid account with numerous additional services, as well as the possibility of purchasing templates individually.

    That said, if you want to know how to use Online Video Maker to create intros for Youtube, first register for the service for free: find the button Sign Up at the top right of the Home Page of the website. After you have filled in all the text fields visible on the screen (name, surname, email, password), you will have clicked on the button to accept the terms of service as well as on the button to verification of Captcha, you can press the button Sign Up.

    Once logged in, on the main screen of the service you will have several basic templates that you can use for free (and possibly customize) for the creation of your video intro for Youtube. By choosing one by clicking on it you can customize it by adding images and writings tailored to your Youtube channel, using the button Customize Now. You will then be able to add your logo and possibly apply other changes, then being able to preview what has been created using the button Create a Preview.

    Once you have evaluated the changes made to the desired video in the section My Preview (You will certainly notice that some templates are low resolution while others also support HD 720 resolution), you can confirm the video to get it for free. To do this, just click on the button Place Order. You will then have to wait for a link to download the final video to arrive via email.

    Unfortunately, most of the noteworthy templates are paid even if, for those with basic needs, it is possible to test the potential of the service through the free introductory videos available. Online Video Maker is an online service that also works on all major browsers and operating systems.

    Other programs for Youtube Intro

    Have you tried to use the programs and services that I have indicated to you to create intros for YouTube but you have not found what fully reflects your needs? Don't worry I can still help you. Below you will find the main strengths and weaknesses of other great programs that will allow you to create intros for Youtube. You will see, I am sure you will be able to find what is right for you.

    • IntroMaker: another great one online service that allows create intros for youtube in an extremely simple and fast way, without installing software on the PC. Its operation is extremely fast: just choose the template from those available as a video to use for your intro, upload a logo to carry out a basic customization and then wait for a link to download the final video to arrive via email. Unfortunately, however, most of the templates offered are paid even if there are some at a low price (we are talking about a minimum of $ 5) if you want to invest a minimum amount to have an intro made by this service available. Being an online service, it works on all major browsers and operating systems. Try it from here.
    • SketchUp: is a famous software from technical drawing and 3D modeling which allows you to design houses and structures, but not only. Thanks to its flexibility, in fact, this program can also be used for create youtube intros. It is not an easy operation but on the Web there are numerous tutorials that show you step by step how to do it. The software is available for both Windows and Mac in two versions, one free and one paid with more advanced functions. Download from here.
    • Windows Movie Maker: if you don't need intro YouTube spectacular and professional like those you can get with Adobe After Effects or other paid services, you can resort to the good old Windows Movie Maker. Among the many functions of this free video editing program from Microsoft, in fact, there is also the possibility of creating introductions and short sequences with animations and titles. The program is compatible with all major versions of Windows and is included in the application package Windows EssentialsHowever, support for which ended in 2017. You can still download it for free via the MajorGeeks website.
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