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    How youtubers earn

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    Preliminary information

    Before explaining yourself in detail how youtubers earn, it seems only right to provide you with some information relating to the monetization of a YouTube channel. First of all, you must consider that earning through the creation of videos to be published on the Google platform is not an activity that does not involve work.

    make quality videos, in fact, it is necessary invest significant amounts of time and resources: you have to think about the content to be included in the movie, shoot it and, of course, edit it. In addition, the revenue from your YouTube business comes mainly from advertising, which means that only by obtaining many views is it possible to perceive satisfactory earnings.

    In short, opening a YouTube channel is not enough to be able to earn money: it takes a lot of effort and, above all, a lot of patience before seeing significant results. If you are ready to take on the challenge and get involved, read on to learn about the main forms of monetization of youtubers.

    Partnership di YouTube

    The first monetization opportunity to consider, in the youtuber business, is that linked to partnership di YouTube. Before explaining in detail how to make a request to sign the partnership agreement with the famous video sharing service, I would like to tell you that, to succeed in this intent, you must meet some very specific requirements: from 17 January 2018, you must have a minimum of 1.000 members to your channel and well 4.000 hours of watchtime in the last year.

    If you meet the above requirements and want to start monetizing with YouTube through the official partnership of the service, click here to connect to your account management panel and make sure that under the words Copyright status Community Policy Status you know highlighted the smiling faccia. If not, I'm sorry to tell you but you won't be able to sign up for the YouTube partnership program.

    At this point, click on the button Active located at the card Monetization, so as to send the request to become a YouTube partner and monetize by placing ads on your videos. Then press the button starts placed in correspondence with the item Sign up for AdSenseclick on your button NEXT and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to link your existing AdSense account (or to create a new one). If you are already signed up for AdSense, just click on the button Accept association to complete the account linking process.

    Then check that the URL of your YouTube channel is present in the text field Site URL is the right one, put the check mark next to the item Yes o No, to decide whether or not to receive the personalized guide, select city from the drop-down menu located under the item Country or area and read the terms and conditions of use of the service. Then, put the check mark next to the items Yes, I have read and accepted the contract and click on the button Create account.

    Now, click on the button Start, enter all the data requested (eg. account type, name, address, Postal code, city, etc.) and click on the button Send. Then select the verification method needed to confirm your identity (Text message (SMS) o Voice call), click on your button Generate verification code to receive the verification code and, once you have received it (via SMS or telephone call, based on the choice made previously), write it in the appropriate text field. Then click on the button Send Redirected, to be redirected to YouTube.

    At this point, complete the monetization activation procedure by clicking on the button starts, located in correspondence with the wording Set your monetization preferences, and select the ad formats you prefer by ticking (or removing) the boxes Overlay adsSponsored cardsSkippable video ads. Remember to save the preferences you just set by clicking on the button Save.

    The most is done! If your channel meets the requirements to participate in the YouTube partner program, you simply have to wait for the Google-owned video sharing platform to analyze your channel and hope it approves your request, thus allowing you to monetize the videos you make. Otherwise, automatic review and monetization activation will not be activated on your account.

    Third party networks

    I third party networks they are another important source of income for youtubers. By participating only in the Youtube affiliate program, in fact, the revenues deriving from your activity of creating and sharing content will be somewhat reduced.

    Not surprisingly, the established YouTube stars, who generate tens of thousands of views for each video, rely on external networks that act as an intermediary with the Google portal and, in exchange for a variable compensation that is calculated on the basis of revenues advertising, allow you to receive promotions to increase views and other benefits.

    If you want to try to find an affiliate network willing to collaborate with you, you can rely on SocialBlade, a portal that allows you to identify the services used by the most established YouTubers. Once you have gone to the main page of SocialBlade, all you have to do is write the username of a youtuber in Campo di Ricerca at the top right and click on magnifying glass, to find the information you are looking for.

    Regardless of which affiliate network you work with, keep in mind that YouTube pays for videos based on cost per thousand impressions or, più semplicemente, CPM. The amount of money that is awarded to those who exploit advertising on YouTube, therefore, is variable and depends on how much the sponsors are willing to pay.

    As you can well imagine, therefore, revenues increase by virtue of the number of views that can be achieved: with a few thousand views it is possible to obtain earnings for a few tens of euros per video, while with hundreds of thousands of views the earnings increase exponentially. .

    Collaboration with companies and brands

    When you can get good visibility on YouTube and reach important numbers in terms of views and subscribers, you can have the opportunity to collaborate with established companies and brands, interested in advertising their products and services through sponsored videos o equity investments a live events.

    If you are not yet a successful youtuber and, therefore, you have not received proposals for commercial collaborations, you can try to rely on services like Famebit, which put content creators and companies in communication, allowing youtubers to find companies interested in collaborations more or less. profitable (retaining a percentage of about 10%).

    Alternatively, you can try to propose a collaboration to a brand that might be interested in it. To send a commercial collaboration to a company, go to its official website, in this case on the contact page, and send a message to the email address dedicated to collaborations (eg. In the message, remember to include information about you and your activity on YouTube: name, surname, contact details, channel name, number of subscribers, etc.).

    In accepting commercial proposals, however, always take into account your subscribers: never recommend products or services that you haven't actually tested or that, however, may not be of interest to your audience, because you could ruin your reputation.

    In addition, if a video has sponsored content, say it clearly from the beginning of the video: remember to also report it by putting the check mark on the box This video contains paid promotions, such as a paid product placement, sponsorship, or endorsement present on the page for loading a new movie (in the section Advanced Settings).

    Tips for making money on YouTube

    As I anticipated at the beginning of the article, in order to be able to obtain large earnings on YouTube, you must necessarily have many views and many subscribers. If your channel isn't very popular at the moment, try the following advice to increase the visibility of your content and, therefore, try to make money on YouTube.

    • Produce quality content - quality is increasingly important to emerge on YouTube, as the platform is now saturated with videos that deal with the most disparate issues. To be able to capture the attention of the public and increase visits and subscribers, nothing can be left to chance. To make quality videos, I recommend that you have the right equipment, such as a smartphone with a good camera or a professional video camera, a microphone and other useful accessories (eg tripods, action cameras, etc.). Obviously, also equip yourself with programs for video editing (eg. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final CutSony VEGAS Pro, Etc.).
    • Try to be more original - you do not necessarily have to deal with particular or sophisticated issues: even by dealing with apparently "trivial" topics, you can try to be original, trying to tackle a topic from several points of view.
    • Optimize the content produced - you can do this by entering keywords in the video description, in the tags and, of course, also in the title of the same. To find the keywords of your videos, you can use the Google Trends service, which I told you about in another guide.
    • Analyze your channel stats - you can do it via the tool YouTube Studio and the app YouTube Creator Studio (available for Android and iOS), so as to easily identify the type of content that is most appreciated by users and also those that generate the most revenue.
    • Be consistent - following the directions I gave you in the previous points for a while is not enough to be successful on YouTube. It is necessary to have consistency and not get tired at the first difficulties or when faced with results that are initially unsatisfactory. Understood?

    For more information on how to be successful on YouTube, feel free to take a look at the guide I linked to, because it will certainly be of great help to you.

    How youtubers earn

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