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    How to unblock YouTube

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  • How to report wrong copyright block on YouTube
  • What to do in case of problems or doubts
  • How to unblock copyrighted YouTube videos

    If you have come to this guide with the aim of finding out how to unblock youtube videos that have been blocked for alleged copyright infringement by the authors who published it, know that in many cases it is possible to do so using another IP address, so as to "bypass" the restrictions in place in your country. I don't guarantee that the solutions listed below will work 100% but in many cases they actually allow you to see blocked videos on YouTube.


    A first solution that I recommend you try to unblock YouTube videos is FilterByPass, a famous free online service that was specifically designed to "bypass" any blocks applied to the contents of the famous Google video sharing platform.

    To use the service in question, connected to its main page, write or paste the address of the video of your interest (eg. in the text field immediately after the entry Surf Anonymously and then click on the red button Surfing located on the right. If everything went well, you should view YouTube and be able to watch the video of your interest by clicking on the button Play.


    ProxySite is another service that I recommend you try to try to unblock videos that you are blocked from viewing on YouTube for copyright reasons. It is free (although it is possible to increase its features by subscribing to the Premium subscription, which starts at $ 5,99 / month) and allows you to contact foreign IPs by selecting US or European servers.

    To use it, connected to its main page, select the server you want to use via the drop-down menu on the left and write or paste the address of the video of your interest (eg. in the text field Enter Url. Then click on the button vai and, if the video is available, start playing it by clicking on the button Play.


    If the solutions I told you about in the previous lines did not help you to unblock a video that you are blocked from viewing on YouTube, try Preproxy, which is a kind of Web proxy database compatible with all major browsers and which can be useful for the purpose of this tutorial.

    To use PreProxy, go to its main page, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the section Proxy for Videos & YouTube. At this point, click on the link YouTube proxy site and write or paste the address of the video of your interest (eg. in the text field located in the center of the page.

    Then select the server you intend to use, putting the check mark on the corresponding box (eg. YouTube Proxy Server o US Proxy Server), and then click the button YouTube Proxy. If the video is available, click on the button Play to view it.

    How to report wrong copyright block on YouTube

    Did you upload a video to YouTube, but it was blocked for alleged copyright infringement, even though you didn't post any copyrighted material there? If so, know that it is possible report the wrong copyright block on YouTube, by filling out a specific form.

    Of course, the fact of reporting the matter to the team of the famous video sharing service is not a guarantee that the viewing of the content will actually be unblocked, as the last word belongs to YouTube (which could still believe that it has acted correctly). However, it costs nothing to try!

    To proceed with reporting an erroneous copyright block, you must send a counter notification to YouTube, which is a legal request asking the platform to restore a video that has been removed for alleged copyright infringement. Keep in mind that the procedure in question can only be carried out if the infringement does not actually exist and / or if the copyright infringement report is due to the incorrect identification of the material to be removed (for example in cases of fair use, which I told you about in the deepening on how copyright works on YouTube).

    To send a counter notification, go to this page, log in to your account (if you have not already done so) and use the form that is shown on the screen to explain to the user who reported your video for copyright infringement your reasons. Please note that the user in question has available, as required by current legislation, ben 10 working days to provide evidence that legal action has been filed confirming the validity of the removal.

    Has your account been suspended due to multiple copyright infringements and, for this reason, you are not allowed to use the web form that allows you to submit a counter notification? Know that you can proceed by submitting one free-form counter notification. When doing so, remember to provide the following information: name, last name, email address, mailing address, telephone number he URL of the videos for which you are sending the counter notification (eg.

    Also remember to include the following in your counter-notification statements: "I recognize the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the ward to which my address belongs (or, if my address is outside the United States, for the judicial ward to which YouTube belongs) and I accept the service of court documents by of the plaintiff ”and“ Aware of my criminal responsibilities, I swear I have good reasons to believe that the material has been removed or deactivated by mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or deactivated ”.

    After that signature the counter notification (you can do this either manually or electronically) and send it away e-mail at, via fax to the number +1 650 872 8513 or by post to the following address.

    DMCA Complaints, YouTube (Google, Inc.), Gordon House Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland

    What to do in case of problems or doubts

    If you have encountered problems or doubts regarding the viewing of videos on YouTube or other aspects concerning the operation of the famous video sharing service, I suggest you contact Google (which takes care of the platform) to try to find a solution. There are various ways to contact the Mountain View giant, including thehelpline and that way too Twitter.

    If you want to try to solve some problems you have encountered by yourself, you can always use the official YouTube guide, on which you can go by clicking on this link, which contains numerous articles and guides prepared directly by the platform team. I am sure they will be of great help to you to get over the situation.

    How to unblock YouTube

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