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    How to stand out on YouTube

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    Identify topics to talk about

    If you want emerge on YouTube, the first thing you need to do is analyze the trends of the platform to understand which videos are the most sought after by users in the last period. By doing this, you will have a clearer picture of the situation and can get some interesting ideas for the movies to upload to your channel in the future.

    To find out about YouTube trends, go to the home page of Google Trends and set the item YouTube search on the menu Google search (placed at the bottom), the voice city on the menu Worldwide (since the videos will almost certainly be made in cittàn, better focus on the local market) and the option Last 30 days on the menu 2008 - Present. Then select the category that you think most pertinent to the type of video you intend to make from the menu All Categories and, as if by "magic", you will get the list of the most searched keywords on YouTube, based on the parameters set previously.

    The search results are prepared by Google Trends on two columns: that Most searched in which the most searched keywords are collected in absolute terms in the period of time indicated (the last 30 days, in our case) and that Increasing in which there are all the keywords that have captured the attention of users the most in recent days. Focus in particular on the latter to get ideas on the videos to do. in case you need further explanations on using Google Trends, take a look at the guide that I linked to you: I am sure it will be useful for you.

    Regularly create interesting and quality content

    Once you have identified the topics to be covered in your next videos, you need to try your hand at creating interesting and quality content. To do this, I advise you to equip yourself with the right equipment. For filming, for example, you can use your smartphone (if it has a good camera) or, even better, a professional video camera, a microphone and other accessories that can come in handy, such as tripods, gimbals, gorillapods, action cams and quant ' other.

    As for editing, however, you can turn to software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut e Sony VEGAS Pro or, alternatively, to some free programs or, again, to the YuTube editing tools.

    Before you start recording the video, I recommend that you write yourself the script that you will have to follow to make it happen: you don't necessarily have to write down everything you have to say (also because doing it the video could take on an unnatural tone), but at least make a schedule that will help you remember the issues to talk about. I'm sure that by paying attention to these simple tricks, you will be able to bring out quality videos, which will impress the users who view them, who may feel pushed to subscribe to your channel.

    In addition to creating quality content, it is also important to do it with a certain one regularityotherwise your channel may seem neglected or even abandoned. Therefore, I advise you to set yourself the goal of publishing at least 1 video per week, possibly always on the same day and time: this will make your channel more "orderly" and facilitate public loyalty.

    Optimize the content created

    After making a video, the work is by no means finished. Before publishing it, in fact, I suggest you find some keyword that facilitate the finding to be included in the title And in the related tags to the video itself. This, attention, does not mean that you have to insert tags at random just because they are very sought after on YouTube, but that you must use titles and tags relevant to the movie you make, exploiting the keywords found among the trends when possible, and making everything "attractive" to search engines.

    Let's take a practical example on how to optimize the contents created. If using Google Trends (which I told you about in the initial chapter of this guide, as well as in a dedicated in-depth study) you found a particular attention of the public towards "iPhone"And then you decided to make a video on how to make the most of iPhone, use a catchy title like"How to exploit the full potential of an iPhone"And choose keywords that are highly sought after (and at the same time relevant to the content of the movie), such as"iPhone","iPhone X","speed up iPhone", Etc. It also tries to make the description of the video attractive and clear, without making it overly verbose.

    You will see, doing this will significantly increase the chances that someone, searching for one of the above keywords on Google or YouTube, will end up on one of your videos.

    Use all the tools offered by YouTube

    Use all the tools offered by YouTube is another great way to try to emerge on the Google video sharing platform, as these tools allow you to analyze your channel, obtaining updated statistics that can be useful for choosing the type of content to be created, and have a more direct contact with their audience. Here are some of the main tools made available by YouTube.

    • Analytics - thanks to this tool it is possible to access the main statistics of your channel, to know which are the videos that have obtained the most success in terms of views, those that have generated the most monetization and to have data about the traffic sources.
    • App YouTube Creator Studio - thanks to this free app for Android and iOS you can access the statistics of your channel directly from your smartphone or tablet, as I have already explained to you in another tutorial.
    • Live - this function allows you to create live videos through which you can interact directly with your audience by asking viewers for advice and proposals on the issues to be dealt with on the channel. For more information on how to direct on YouTube, read the guide I linked to you.

    Promote the channel on social networks

    Promote the channel on social networks is another trick that I recommend you take, especially if you can already boast a good following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social platforms.

    If, on the other hand, you are not successful even on the latter, you can always try to change the situation, perhaps by adopting the precautions that I have given you in the guides on how to create a successful Facebook page, on how to be successful on Instagram and, more generally. , on how to become famous on social networks.

    Other useful tips to stand out on YouTube

    In addition to the indications I have given you in the previous lines, there are many other useful tips to stand out on YouTube you would do well to pay attention to. Below you can find some really interesting ones.

    • Invite users to subscribe to the channel - most likely many users who regularly view your videos are not yet subscribed to your channel. So why don't you invite them to do it? Maybe you could do it at the beginning or end of each video, using phrases like: "If you haven't subscribed to my channel yet, don't waste your time and do it now!" or “Did you like this video? If you haven't already, subscribe to my channel so you don't miss the next one! “.
    • Curate the graphics of the channel - set up a profile photo and cover photo that are attractive and explain the overall theme your channel is about and, more importantly, create covers for each video that are eye-catching and that inspire users to watch them.
    • Create playlists - this is a great way to make it easier for your current and future subscribers to search for content posted on your channel. If you don't know how to create playlists, feel free to read the guide where I explain how to do this.
    • Reply to comments - even if it is unthinkable to be able to answer all the comments present under your videos (especially when you start to reach important numbers), I advise you to answer those who ask you constructive questions and / or criticisms: you can be sure that they will appreciate it .
    How to stand out on YouTube

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