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    How to promote a video on YouTube

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    Use the right title and tags

    One of the first steps you can take to increase the likelihood of users finding a video you want to promote on YouTube is optimize the title and tags of the latter. This means you have to use gods titles clear and captivating (but without falling into clickbait, please!) and gods tag that correspond to the content of the movie as well as similar to the keyword (o keyword) that people search the web for the most.

    To find out which keywords are most searched for on the Internet, you can rely on a free and easy to use tool: Google Trends. To use Google Trends, connected first to its home page, search for the keywords to use by typing the title of your video or l 'main topic treated in the latter in Campo di Ricerca located at the top left and, as if by "magic", you will get a ranking with all the most searched keywords among those that are related to the terms you used in the search (in the box Associated queries).

    If you want to skim the results, you can use i drop down menu located at the top to select the reference period regarding the volume of searches (eg. Last 12 months, Last 7 days, Last hour, etc.), the preferred category (es. All Categories, Computers and electronics, Beauty and fitness, etc.) and so on. For more information on how to best use Google Trends, please read the in-depth article I published on this service.

    If Google Trends has allowed you to find tags that match the content of the video you want to promote, enter them in the field Tag when the movie is published (remember to separate each tag with a comma) and cross your fingers! Ah… and don't forget to use the keywords related to the video title in hers too Description: by doing this, you will increase the chances that the video will be found by users when they use the terms in question in their searches.

    Put a video in the foreground

    If there is a video that you have already posted on your channel and you want to "push" it more than any other, you can take another practical step: put it in the foreground. You can do this if you haven't yet set a video as a channel trailer (although, I warn you, that's not exactly the recommended use for the feature in question). To proceed, access the main page of your YouTube channel (from the Web version of the service) by pressing on tua photo located at the top right, then select the item My channel from the menu that appears and go to the tab For new visitors.

    Then click on the button (+) Channel trailer, choose the movie you want to promote and use as a trailer, press the button Save And that's it. The first video that anyone who has not yet subscribed to your channel will see will be the one you have set as a trailer for it.

    Allow to embed videos on external sites

    Another trick you can take to promote a video on YouTube is to allow other users to embed your videos on external sites. Even if for copyright reasons you may not look favorably on the embedding of your video in Internet sites that do not ask your permission to do so, for the purpose of the visibility of the video it is advisable to leave this option activated. In doing so, in fact, your contents can be enjoyed by hundreds (if not thousands) of users who will know them through blogs, forums and websites of third parties: it's all free advertising, so don't reject it!

    By default, YouTube allows you to embed all the videos uploaded by users on external sites, so you won't have to do practically anything to facilitate their publication on external channels; but if you want you can limit the embedding of the videos by accessing this page and blocking the embedding of your videos on domains and apps: which I do not recommend you do for the reasons indicated above.

    Invite users to watch a specific video

    Invite users to watch a specific video from their channel is another useful gimmick for promoting videos on YouTube. How can you do it? When you publish a new video, remember to insert a card that invites you to deepen a certain topic that you covered in a previous video (ie the video you want to promote), possibly at a point in the video where you yourself invite "verbally" to take this action.

    If you don't know how to add such a card to your videos, let me explain how to proceed: to begin with, go to the Video Management section of your channel, locate the video you want to edit and press the button Modification located next to it. Then, on the button Cards, locate the point in the video where you want to insert the card and place it in correspondence with it slider blue through the timeline located at the bottom.

    Now click on the button Add card ▾, pigia sul pulsating Crea located in correspondence with the wording Video o playlist, select the video you want to promote, expand the menu ▸ Customize the teaser text and / or add a custom message, fill in the proposed fields to enter the personalized message through which to invite the viewer to watch the proposed video and, finally, presses the button Create tab. Più semplice di così ?!

    If you want, you can also take advantage of the final screen of the movie to promote one or more videos posted on your channel. To do this, press the button Final screen and annotations located at the top, click on the button OK to close the message you see on the screen, press the button Add item ▾ e pulsing sul pulsating Crea located next to the item Video o playlist. Then select the video you want to promote, click on the item Choose a video or playlist, choose the movie you are interested in, press the button Create element, place the video thumbnail where you want it, and finally click Save.

    Share a video on social networks and on your website / blog

    On social networks do you have a good following? Well then you can take advantage of the popularity you have gained on Facebook, Instagram and all the other social networks to promote your every single video published on YouTube. How can you do it? Simple: just copy and paste the link of the video you want to promote on your social accounts and that's it.

    How do you say? Don't you have a lot of popularity on any social network at the moment? Well, then the time has come to immediately run for cover by following the tips I have provided in the guide in which I show in detail how to become famous on social networks: there you will find many "tips" that will certainly be useful for increasing followers on your social media accounts and take advantage of the popularity you will acquire over time to promote your videos.

    You have a blog or website? In this case, in addition to posting your videos on the latter by copying the link and pasting it on the page, you can take advantage of the traffic to your site to promote your YouTube channel by inserting special buttons. All you have to do is connect to this YouTube page, change the settings related to the appearance of the button you want to use, copy the generated code (found below) and paste it on your website. Who knows, maybe your readers will be entice you to subscribe to your channel and view the videos you have published on it.

    How to promote a video on YouTube

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