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    How to post polls on YouTube

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  • How to put a poll in a YouTube video
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  • Preliminary information

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to put polls on youtube, I think you might be interested in learning more about how they work.

    YouTube allows you to use surveys in two different ways: via the section Community / Discussion of the channel or directly in the videos, through special cards. In both cases, the results of the survey will be public and therefore users will be able to see immediately - obviously after making their choice - the percentage of people who have chosen a certain answer.

    In the event that the survey is published in the section Community / Discussion, users will be able to view it at any time, clearly as long as it is active (which allows it to potentially reach a large audience). Instead, by inserting the survey in a tab in a video, users will have to click on the appropriate one information icon to access and vote.

    My advice is to use the surveys in the section Community / Discussion for requests that need a large number of responses, while those through card inserted a video In my opinion they should be used only to get feedback on that particular content or in any case on something specific. Of course, you might think about combining the two types of surveys to get as much feedback as possible, but it's up to you to decide.

    However, there is a fundamental requirement to be able to do post su YouTube (and consequently create polls in the Community / Discussion section): you must have a channel with at least 1.000 subscribers. In addition to this, it is necessary to wait about a week after crossing this threshold for the platform to activate this functionality on a channel.

    How to post a poll on YouTube

    As you may have already guessed, the method that is often the most effective for carrying out a survey on YouTube is to use the Community / Discussion tab implemented by the Google platform. I remind you, however, that you must have a channel with at least 1.000 members in order to use this feature. Below you will find all the necessary indications to set up a survey of this type.

    Smartphones and tablets

    Create a poll in the Community / Discussion tab of your account is very simple using the official YouTube application for Android and iOS (often pre-installed on Android devices).

    If you have an eligible account, all you need to do is run the login to it, press onchannel icon located at the top right and select the item Your channel from the menu that opens. Once this is done, go to the tab Community / Discussion and press on the text field Post an updateo.

    Now, select thesurvey icon present at the bottom left, type the question you want to ask your fans and add all options of the case. I also remind you that you can choose whether to make the survey visible to all or only to the subscribers, using the appropriate setting located at the top right. Once the poll is set up correctly, all you have to do is press on the item PUBLISH, to post it.

    Great, now just go back to the tab Community / Discussion to view the results related to the survey.


    Obviously, there is also the possibility to create a survey in the Community / Discussion tab of YouTube also through computer, acting from the official portal of the Google platform.

    To do so, connected to the official YouTube site, click on the icon LOGIN present at the top right and log in to your account by entering email address e Password e premendo sul pulsating NEXT. Then, tap onaccount icon, located at the top right, and select the item Your channel.

    At this point, move to the tab COMMUNITY / DISCUSSION and press on the item POLL, and then type your question in the appropriate text field: Ask the community. Then add how many options you want and press the blue button PUBLISH.

    I remind you that you can choose, through the menu at the top right, whether to show the survey to all or whether to make it visible only to subscribers.

    Perfect, now your survey will be published and you just have to go back to the tab COMMUNITY / DISCUSSION to track user responses.

    For more details on the potential of the Community / Discussion tab, I suggest you consult my guide on how to make a post on YouTube.

    How to put a poll in a YouTube video

    How do you say? Don't have a channel with at least 1.000 subscribers but still want to create a YouTube poll? No problem, there is another method, which involves theinsertion of the survey in a specific form that appears within a video.


    The simplest method to do this is to take advantage of the official YouTube portal via a common browser for web browsing from computer.

    To proceed, then connected to the official YouTube Studio site, click on the item LOGIN and log in to your account by typing email address e Password e premendo sul pulsating NEXT. At this point, select the item Classic version of Creator Studio present at the bottom left and press on the item IGNORE, to avoid requests for feedback on the YouTube Studio Beta. In fact, the latest graphical interface introduced by the Google platform does not yet allow you to use the cards and you have to go back to the "old" site.

    Now, select the item first VIDEO MANAGEMENT and later that Video, from the list on the left. Once this is done, select theicona della freccia verse il basso, which is next to the option Modification placed next to the video involved and select the item Cards.

    Now, position yourself with the cursor present at the bottom where you want to add the survey, put in break the video and press the button Add tab. At this point, click the button Crea present near the writing Survey.

    You just have to type the question of the survey, add the relevant ones options e premere sul pulsating Create Card. You can also press on the item Modification, to change the text of the teaser (i.e. the phrase that users will see appear at the top right while watching the video). YouTube will automatically save the changes and users will be able to view the survey (if the video is online).

    To view the responses that users have given to your survey, just click on thegraph icon present on the right of the box dedicated to the card you just created.

    Smartphones and tablets

    If you want to do this from smartphones and tablets, you must use the desktop mode of the official YouTube portal.

    To proceed, simply connect to the YouTube website, run the login, press onaccount icon present in alto a destra and selects the voice Desktop site found at the bottom of the page. Perfect, now all you have to do is follow the directions I explained in the chapter on how to put a poll in a YouTube video from your computer (the procedure to follow is the same).

    In case you are using an iPhone or iPad, you may be forced to temporarily uninstall the YouTube application. In fact, the latter tends to open automatically when browsing through Safari on the official website of the Google platform and therefore could create problems while driving.

    To uninstall the YouTube app from your iPhone or iPad, just press and hold theicona dell'app from the iOS home screen, select the X that appears on it and press on the item Delete. Once the procedure is finished, you can safely reinstall the official YouTube application and go back to using it.

    For more information, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to uninstall apps from iPhone.

    Since you are a youtuber, you may also be interested in my guides on how to become a famous YouTuber, how to make a cover for YouTube, how to do Stories on YouTube, how to advertise on YouTube, how to hide subscribers on YouTube and how the copyright on YouTube. In short, on my site you can find countless tutorials that will help you advance your career as a content creator in the best possible way.

    How to post polls on YouTube

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