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    How to make yourself known on YouTube

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    Focus everything on quality

    Focus everything on quality is one of the most important things for make yourself known on YouTube. Although there are billions of videos on Google's famous video sharing platform, there are relatively few that really care about the quality of the content offered. If you make quality videos, therefore, you will significantly increase the chances of getting noticed by other users and, consequently, of increasing views and subscribers.

    At this point the question arises: how can you produce quality videos? The starting point is get the right equipment. Although initially you can start with one smartphone (as long as it has a good camera and is capable of recording in HD), it would be better if you used a good camera or, even better, a professional video camera. Furthermore, the purchase of “secondary” accessories, such as tripods, action cameras, gimbals, gorillapods, soft boxes and so on, should not be underestimated.

    After recording a video with the help of the tools listed above, you need to move on to the next step, namely the mounting: for this purpose, I recommend that you use video editing programs suitable for the purpose, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro e Sony VEGAS Pro or, if you really don't want to get your wallet, free software like DaVinci o Shotcut.

    As for the actual content to be proposed in your videos, study it carefully before putting yourself in front of the goal. Maybe you could make one written scheme of the issues to be addressed, of the various scenes to be shot, as if it were a sort of script: This way you will avoid wandering unnecessarily and it will also take you less time to record and edit the video.

    Create original content

    Even if it is difficult to find issues unpublished to discuss on YouTube, the way they develop can make a difference. So try to create original content, proposing a new way to tell your audience the stories you intend to entertain them with: this will allow you to stand out from the crowd and be remembered more easily by your potential subscribers, and more.

    In this regard, you might think about making new video series, trying to set up gods format which (at least in the city) have not yet been built. If the idea will also appeal to other youtubers, they could re-propose the idea on their respective channels, perhaps citing you as a source of inspiration or, better still, proposing some collaborations, which are one of the best ways to expand your YouTube audience.

    It also seeks to address issues and problems in timely manner (without forgetting the quality, therefore without being superficial). In this regard, it may be useful to stay informed on the main news stories, especially those that have a more or less direct connection with the general theme of your channel. Users will certainly appreciate the fact that you make an effort to always upload “fresh” and up-to-date content: you can be sure of that!

    Rivolgersi to a specific target

    If you want to increase your popularity on YouTube, you have to target a specific target and, depending on this, create the contents of your channel. In online communication - and therefore also on YouTube - it is important not to make the mistake of thinking that your contents are necessarily seen by everyone. This is not always the case, especially when dealing with very sectoral topics.

    For this reason, try to identify the audience you are targeting: doing this will also be of great help to understand which content is most interesting to your users and which are not. Even in making the videos of your channel you must take into account your target audience because according to this you will have to determine the type of language to be adopted.

    You will see, taking into account the age, interests and issues that are close to the heart of the range of users who follow you will be of great help to be able to capture their interest and, why not, maybe over time you will be able to create a community fond of your content.

    To find out which type of users follow your content, connected to YouTube Studio, log in to your Google account (if necessary) and select the tab Develop the audience, in which you will find statistics on the age and origin of your audience. The same thing you can also do through theYouTube Studio app per Android e iOS,

    Optimize the content to be published

    Optimize the content to be published it is very important to be able to give visibility to the videos made and, therefore, have more chances of obtaining visibility on the platform. To optimize the content you intend to post on your YouTube channel, you need to create a captivating and engaging title, which contains the main keyword, so that users know what to expect from the video. In addition, to increase the visibility of the same, use gods related tags to the movie using "secondary" keywords appropriate and relevant to the content.

    Do you want me to give you a practical example to better understand how to put into practice what has just been said? I'll settle you immediately. Let's say you have decided to publish on "how to increase cell phone battery". This, which is the main keyword and you have to insert it in the title of the video, perhaps in one of these ways: "How to increase the cell phone battery","10 tips to increase your cell phone battery"The Smartphone dead? Here's how to increase your cell phone battery!". Then use tags to increase the visibility of the video using related keywords (eg "battery","cellular","autonomy","increase battery","smartphone tricks", etc.).

    Furthermore, the importance of create eye-catching covers. Since these are in effect the preview of your videos, carefully study the graphics to use (eg images, fonts, colors, etc.). To do this, you can use graphics programs such as Photoshop or GIMP, or online services suitable for the purpose, such as Canva.

    Use YouTube tools

    If you want to get more visibility on YouTube, don't neglect use tools made available by the platform. Some of these, in fact, can help you analyze the statistics of your channel, which is very useful to understand which editorial strategies to adopt to win the interest of your users, others can allow you to have a more direct contact with your audience. Here are some of the main tools I just mentioned.

    • YouTube Studio - it is a tool accessible from the Web that allows you to manage your channel and view all the statistics concerning it: from the videos that have obtained the most views, to those that have generated the most monetization, passing through the information concerning the traffic sources .
    • App YouTube Creator Studio - this application, available for free for both Android and iOS, allows you to view updated statistics of your channel in a similar way to what is possible with the Web version of YouTube Studio, but acting directly from your mobile devices, as I already have explained in another tutorial.
    • Live - it is one of the functions most appreciated by youtubers and also by the users of the contents themselves, because it allows you to have a direct dialogue for both parties. Use it to ask users for suggestions and advice and, if you find them useful, follow them promptly. If you want some "tips" on how to make direct on YouTube, consult the in-depth study that I dedicated to the topic.

    Advertise the channel on other platforms

    You have a good following on social networks, such as Facebook, InstagramTwitterPinterest e LinkedIn? In that case, you can play this "card" to get more visibility on YouTube. Users who follow you on these or other platforms, in fact, knowing that you make videos on YouTube, could start watching them and even subscribe to your channel.

    Unfortunately you are not popular on these either other platforms and you fear that you will not be able to use them to advertise your videos? Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try to change the situation, perhaps following the instructions I gave you in the in-depth information in which I explain in detail how to be followed on Facebook, how to be successful on Instagram and how to become famous on social networks.

    How to make yourself known on YouTube

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