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    How to make your first YouTube video

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  • How to post your first video on YouTube
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  • How to make a first video on YouTube

    Let's enter immediately into the merits of the subject by seeing how to make a first video on youtube. Below you can find a series of practical ideas that I hope will be useful for your youtuber adventure.

    Introduce your channel

    Since what you are going to create is the first video you post on your YouTube channel, it would be a good idea to do some sort of presentation of the channel itself. Present your channel, in fact, it will give those who watch the video an idea of ​​the topics you will cover in the following videos, which could create a certain “suspense” in them and push them to subscribe so as not to miss the contents that you will create later.

    In presenting your channel, therefore, try to be clear, direct and concise. Indicate in no uncertain terms what is the purpose for which you have decided to open it, define his general theme (you need to have an identity, a main theme to make your potential audience understand what you will mainly deal with) and what types of videos you plan to make.

    Furthermore, if it is a YouTube channel in which you "expose" yourself, it would be appropriate to "introduce yourself" to the public, illustrating your interests, your background, etc. Doing this will help you break the "wall" that separates you from your viewers.

    If you have opened your YouTube channel together with a group of friends who will join you in the videos you will make, introduce them too. If, on the other hand, your YouTube channel will be used for business purposes, present your business, indicate the company mission and provide all the information you think may arouse interest for your company.

    Choose carefully the style to use

    Before creating the video, choose carefully the style to use. In doing so, take into account the main theme of your channel and, therefore, the style you plan to use in future videos as well. This will give your videos a well-defined imprint and may entice users who like the style you will be using to subscribe.

    If your channel deals with issues related to the world of travel, for example, you could use a "fresh" and at the same time "sparkling" style, perhaps enriching the video with short clips showing the trips you have made in recent years, places visited, etc., rhythm everything with ad hoc music (in this other guide I explained where to find music and sounds for YouTube without infringing copyright).

    A similar style, of course, is good not only for channels dedicated to the world of travel, but also for all those whose main purpose is to to amuse and entertain their viewers. If, on the other hand, your channel is aimed at information users with the discussion of topics related to the world of finance, economics, art, etc., a slightly more "set" style - but without exaggerating - could be better.

    In any case, what I just gave you are just ideas: try to find your style and try to go outside the box. Often this is how the right intuitions are born to create original projects, capable of attracting the attention of users.

    Use the right location

    Before shooting the video, you need to decide where to shoot it. Try to use the right location, the one that seems best suited to your channel. Returning to the example of the channel dedicated to the world of travel, you may decide to shoot the video in the most beautiful places in your city or, if you have the opportunity to do so, make the video in a famous location, such as a European capital, an exotic beach. and so on.

    If, on the other hand, your channel deals with rather "static" topics, you could make the video in your "bedroom" or, in any case, at home (after all, this is how many youtubers started, including many of those who have established themselves in world level). If you decide to go for this solution, tidy up the room in which you will shoot the video and make sure there is good lighting, to avoid problems of underexposure or overexposure.

    Attention to quality

    The fact that you're new to YouTube doesn't have to justify making poorly curated videos. By now users are used to good quality video and mounted in an at least decent way.

    To make a good impression, therefore try to use appropriate equipment (eg. a good camera phone or even a reflex and a good microphone) and to edit the video in order to avoid downtime and make it interesting.

    Other useful tips

    Below you will find other useful tips to make the first video of your YouTube channel. Try to put them into practice and you will see that you will not regret it!

    • be yourself - this will help you be natural and less awkward in front of the camera. Try to be positive and convince yourself that others will like your video - this will help you melt a little.
    • Write a lineup - in this way you will avoid wandering during the making of the video, optimize the recording times and follow a logical thread.
    • Remind people to like, comment and subscribe to the channel - the more people interact with your video, “Like” and leave comments, the more likely it is that the video will be “pushed” by the YouTube algorithm and shown to more people. Furthermore, reminding users to subscribe to your channel could really entice them to do so, so don't be ashamed to make this request (in the most elegant and "soft" way possible), perhaps at the end of the video.
    • Set the video as a channel trailer - by doing so, even when you upload new content to the channel in the future, the video you have set as a trailer will be seen by new visitors who will be able to get an idea of ​​the topics covered. .

    How to post your first video on YouTube

    Once you have made the first video of your YouTube channel, you need to proceed with its publication. Let's go straight to the point and see how to post the first video on youtube acting both from computer and from mobile.


    If you prefer to upload the video from PC, go to the main page of YouTube, log in to your Google account (if you have not already done so), click on the icon of camcorder with the + (in alto a destra) and selects the voice Upload video from the opened menu. Now, click on the blue button Select file placed at the center of the box you see on the screen and choose the movie you want to upload to the platform.

    Wait, then, for the video to be uploaded and, while this is happening, provide the title and Description some videos, upload the thumbnail via the dedicated button and select the option Yes, it is intended for children o No, it is not intended for children, based on the type of movie you uploaded.

    Now, expand the menu Other options, specify if your video contains or not paid promotions, enter i tag in the appropriate section and choose the related settings language and subtitles, date and place of registration, distribution license, category, comments and ratings. Infine, click your button NEXT twice in a row and press the button Public, so as to proceed with the publication of the content.

    If you need to find more information on how to publish a video on YouTube, take a look at the guide I just linked to because it will surely come in handy.

    Smartphones and tablets

    If you prefer to act from smartphones and tablets, all you have to do is start the YouTube app, press the button dedicated to uploading videos and then select the video you have previously made to publish it on the platform.

    Then start the YouTube app on your Android or iOS / iPadOS device, log in to your Google account (if necessary), tap the camera at the top and, in the new screen that has opened, select the video you want to upload.

    Next, provide the title and Description of the movie, using the text fields at the bottom of the screen, and make sure that the option is selected as the privacy setting Public. When you are ready to do it, then press on Charge and wait for the video upload procedure to be completed.

    For more information on how to publish a video on YouTube, see the in-depth analysis that I have dedicated entirely to the topic.

    How to make your first YouTube video

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