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    How to make Stories on YouTube

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    How to activate Stories on YouTube

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to do stories on youtube, I think it might interest you to know how you can access this functionality.

    Well, currently the functionality in question is only available for channels that have it more than 10.000 subscribers and they have no problem with the copyright of the videos. To activate the Stories on YouTube, so you need to reach 10.000 subscribers and the latter are automatically unlocked within a month.

    I remind you that Stories are a usable tool only from smartphones and tablets: these are, in fact, vertical videos or photos which, after a specific period of time, are automatically deleted from the platform. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, where stories last 24 hours, YouTube lasts 7 days.

    Having said that, I would say that we can take action and see, in practice, how to take advantage of this interesting feature.

    How to make Stories on YouTube

    Once it is clear how to unblock YouTube Stories, I would say that you are ready to start communicating with your followers through this tool.

    In case you haven't downloaded theofficial YouTube application on your smartphone or tablet, you need to open the Play Store (if you use Android) or the App Store (if you have an iPhone or iPad), search "Youtube" in the latter and select the app icon (the white ▶ ︎ symbol on a red background) from the search results. Once this is done, you need to press on the item Installa / Ottieni and, if you are using iOS, verify your identity via Face ID, touch ID o Password dell'ID Apple.

    Once the application is open, log in with your Google account data (email address e Password), in case you are asked. To make a Story, at this point, click onvideo camera icon (the one with the '+' symbol at the top right). After that, tap on the item Story (marked with the symbol '+') and then on that IT BEGINS.

    Now, tap on the item ALLOW ACCESS and then on CONSENT, to grant the application all the permissions it needs to function properly. Then frame, with the camera of your device, the subject that you want to appear in your Story and press onwhite circle icon at the bottom to take a photo or long tap to record a video.

    In case you want, instead, select a photo or video that you already have in Gallery of your device, just press on the appropriate button box present at the bottom left and select the content that is right for you.

    Before publishing, YouTube will allow you to make several changes to your Story. Pressing onsticker icon (the first at the top right), for example, you can add the position where you are, tag a friend or insert the various stickers suggested by the app.

    Remaining in the same screen, you can also press on theemoticon icon (bottom right) to insert emojis or on the button Aa to insert a text message into your Story. Finally, by selecting the icon Gets better (the last one at the top right), you can apply one of the numerous filters offered by the application to the Story.

    Once you have finished the creation phase of the Story, just click on the item PUBLISH, present at the bottom right, to make it visible to your followers.

    If, on the other hand, you want to keep the Story privately to continue editing it at a later time, you have to tap on the item Save present at the bottom left.

    How to see Stories on YouTube

    How do you say? Are you a YouTube fan and would you simply like to see the Stories of your favorite Content Creator but you don't know how to do it? Don't worry: I'll explain it to you right away.

    To see a Story, you simply have to go to the main screen of the application (by pressing on the item Home at the bottom left) and scroll down until you find the Stories section.

    If you are unable to find the latter, simply open the channel of your interest and move to the tab STORIES, where you will find all the content of this type published in the last 7 days.

    Non ti subtra, dunque, che premere sull 'History icon to start viewing the content. To switch between Stories, simply press on the right or left of the screen, just like on Instagram or Facebook.

    To pause a Story, however, you just need to make a long tap in the center of the screen. To read the comments, then, you have to tap onfumetto icon present at the bottom left, while to subscribe to the channel that produced the content just press on the item SUBSCRIBE.

    Of course, you can also add a public comment by simply tapping on the item comments and, in no time, his Add a public comment.

    I remind you that, in case you are viewing a Story created by you, you can view the number of views (which is not, however, visible to users) and you can decide to remove the content by pressing onthree vertical dots icon present in high to back and selecting the voice Delete.

    You can also reply to user comments: to do this, just click on thefumetto icon present at the bottom left, select the comment you want to answer and press on the item Answer in History, to let everyone see your answer.

    For more details on Stories, I recommend that you consult the official YouTube guidelines.

    How to make Stories on YouTube

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