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    How to make money with YouTube

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  • How to make money on YouTube with views
    • Increase views for free
    • What to post on YouTube
    • How to create YouTube videos
    • How to advertise YouTube videos
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  • How to make money with YouTube channel
  • How to make money with YouTube

    You never imagined that one day you would search for information on how to make money with youtube, yet you are here now. And you did very well: if you have passion and talent, but above all a sense of sacrifice - because these are the ingredients of success - it is right that you make this attempt and take away the satisfaction in this sense.

    Generally speaking, there aren't who knows how many routes to make money with YouTube: in this case, the YouTube monetization it mostly means advertisements, and although there are other strategies, such as presenting a paid product or initiative on someone's behalf, sponsoring an event, and so on, you can't ignore the platform's official program. That's why I'll start by explaining to you how to become a YouTube partner.

    The first thing to know is that, regardless of the type of affiliation chosen, YouTube pays for videos based on a criterion called CPM, what does it mean Cost Per A Thousand Impressions and which, in summary, indicates how much goes into the creator's pocket every time a published video totals 1.000 view.

    The income depends on the sponsors and can vary based on several factors, such as the advertising format chosen or alle resources that companies decide to invest in YouTube. In general, however, 1.000 views are worth a few euros, even if you can aim to make your videos popular: in this case, in fact, the views would not stop at a few thousand, but would reach a considerable total.

    Become a YouTube partner

    Now let's see how to become a YouTube partner because without this step it is useless to think about everything else. First of all, click here to happen to YouTube Studio and management panel of your account; then select the item Monetization that you find in the sidebar on the left.

    Know that not everyone can monetize with YouTube, at least not immediately, because there are gods minimum requirements to reach: in more detail, your channel must have at least 1.000 members e 4.000 hours of viewing negli last 12 months. I advise you to click on the button TELL ME WHEN I REACH THE THRESHOLD to be contacted by YouTube when you have met these requirements.

    If, on the other hand, you have no problems, all you have to do is click on the button Start at the item Monetization to send your request. At this point, just follow the instructions on the screen, until you are asked to choose the ad formats available and click on the button Monetize: YouTube will automatically add ads to all your videos.

    Remember that you can always change the setting later. How you do it? Simple: go up YouTube Studio, select the voice Monetization e scegli l'opzione Types of ads, where you will find a series of check boxes to tick in correspondence with the type of ad to be authorized.

    If you want to place ads for multiple videos that have already been uploaded, click the section Contents you see on the left to access the published videos: on the left of each video you will always find one check box; do it and a menu will appear at the top, where you will see the item Modification. Click, therefore, on the latter and then select the item Monetization. In the drop-down menu, you will find the option Activated option: from here, choose the item Add change to change the settings of all announcements.

    At this point, confirm everything by clicking on the option Update video, check the box for the item I am aware of the consequences of this action and finally click the button again Update video. Easy, right?

    Two tips before continuing: the contents must be 100% original and they must never break monetization rules; the verification process, moreover, can also last one month and there is no way to speed it up, as YouTube points out in its guide.

    Finally, pay attention: payments are made through Google AdSense, therefore, before activating advertisements on your movies, be sure to link your Adsense account to your YouTube account. If you need "tips", you can take a look at my guide on how to make money with AdSense, and, more specifically, the Google tutorial on the subject. In another study, however, I'll explain in detail how YouTube pays for videos.

    Types of advertisements

    How do you say? You would like to know more about types of advertisements available on YouTube to consciously choose the ones that best suit your content? I'll describe them immediately: the skippable video ads are the ones that the user can ignore afterwards 5 seconds; those not ignorable, on the other hand, they last a maximum 20 seconds and the user has to look at them in full: these include the bumper ads, which have a maximum duration of 6 seconds; The overlay ads, available only for desktop, are banners in image or text format published in the bottom of the video.

    In addition to these, there are so-called annunci mid-roll, that is, positioned also within the video: YouTube automatically ranks them based on natural pauses of the video, trying not to annoy users. You can also opt for a manual entry, but try to follow the same logic, because an ad break during unnatural pauses - for example in the middle of a speech - damages the user experience.

    To set up mid-roll ads, go to YouTube Studio, select the option Video, finally the voice Monetization; under the heading Location of video ads, all you have to do is check the box for the option During the video (mid-roll) to allow Google to act independently. If, on the other hand, you want to decide where to place these ads, select the item GESTISCI I MID-ROLL, then click the option + ADVERTISING INTERRUPTION and indicate when you want the ad to start. Finally, click the buttons Continue e Save.

    My advice is to use all available ad formats to maximize revenue and not to act independently if you are not particularly experienced. An overview of the types of ads and further information on them can also be found in the official Google guide.

    Other sources of income

    After activating monetization, you will notice that the sources of income are not limited to advertisements: in more detail, you can also activate channel subscriptions, the merchandising shelf, Super Chats and Super Stickers; there is also the possibility of earn through YouTube Premium, but you do not have to do anything: simply, if a subscriber to the service watches your content, you will receive a part of the proceeds from Google. Now, let me briefly introduce you to these forms of income:

    • - channel subscriptions allow users to support you by subscribing to monthly fees, in exchange for benefits that you will reserve exclusively for them. To activate them, you need to log in to your Google account, open the Subscriptions page and follow the instructions. Pay attention to the requirements: the channel must have one Community tab, it must not be intended for children e a large number of unsuitable videos must not have been posted. Read more here.
    • Lo merchandising shelf allows some creators to promote the gadgets linked to your brand. Activating it is very easy: log in to YouTube Studio, click on the item Monetization and then on the board Merchandising. If you follow the on-screen instructions, you'll quickly get a ID Teespring Store and you will quickly link it to your YouTube channel. Don't forget the additional requirements: if you have a music channel, it must be yours official channel; if it's not musical, you must have achieved at least 10.000 members; also, the channel it should not be intended for children. Read more here.
    • Super Chat and Super Sticker finally, they allow interacting with users in live chats: in the first case, the user will be able to bring out a certain message; in the second, it will show an image (even animated) in the feed. Here's how to activate them: log in to YouTube Studio, fai clic sull 'icon with audio signals that you find at the top right, relating to the item Trasmetti dal alive and follow the instructions until the platform activates them. Special requirements? Of course: videos must have no age restrictions e they must not be intended for children, they also must be public e in the list. Read more here.

    How to make money on YouTube with views

    Below I will focus on how to make money on YouTube with views: Regardless of the choices you make, it's still about view that you need to focus because they are the heart of monetization.

    You start from the assumption that, in general, the higher the number of subscribers, the higher the number of views. I say generally because you also need to understand what kind of audience your channel follows: if, for example, they are not very "loyal", having thousands of them will count for little, because, by not following you assiduously, they will not always look at your content (and therefore the banners).

    Before you find out how to make money with youtube videos, in short, you have to understand how to attract users and really conquer them; there are two ways to do this: or for free or payment. I come straight to the point.

    Increase views for free

    Increase views for free it is not simple and immediate. First and foremost, you need to think about what to post on YouTube, then it is necessary understand how to do it and at the end what are the most suitable means for disseminating content: it seems simple so called, but it is not. Let's start with the contents.

    What to post on YouTube

    If you already know what to do, you are halfway there, but if you want to start and have no idea what your channel can offer, stop and think about what you like best and what you are experienced with: maybe you travel often and never miss the opportunity to film your adventures; or you are good in the kitchen and have created many tasty and light recipes; you could be a wizard of gardening, motors, computers, etc., of anything, in short, and it is precisely on these inclinations of yours that you have to focus, perhaps taking a look at the most famous channels.

    Once you have identified the topic, take advantage of all Google's tools to understand which are the trends: I advise you to do some research on Google Trends, as I'll explain in this guide, or take advantage of YouTube tips; regarding the latter, let me give you an example that should help you: if you want to talk about Games, you could type a keyword such as review to see what hints appear. You could start talking about the first suggested topic, and then continue with all the others.

    I also advise you to ask for advice from the most experienced: in the case of video games, for example, it would be better to talk to friends who have the same passion as you before making a video.

    How to create YouTube videos

    If you don't know how to create content for YouTube, know that the solutions are at your fingertips, since, by now, the evolution of technology allows you to do almost everything, and, in some cases, even at low costs.

    More specifically, I recommend that you use one adequate camera, or one smartphone who has one up to it; also do not forget that there are many video editing app and numerous assembly programs that can come in handy; some app for youtubers, and, even in this case, you can't miss them. Don't underestimate these aspects: a video with technical defects will not be frowned upon.

    There are also other technical aspects to consider, namely those relating tooptimization, which allows you to let the YouTube algorithm understand what the video is about and to which target it is addressed. I'll give you some examples right away.

    I told you about Google Trends and YouTube tips: I advise you to use the keywords suggested to create the title of your video. Of course, you also need to make it endearing: after entering the keyword, therefore, use words that can entice the user to click on the content. Be careful, though: sensational headlines don't like Google and content could be penalized.

    I can only suggest you write a good description of the video. How should you do? First, take advantage of the keywords you found by entering them with naturalness; Furthermore, don't be too verbose, that is, write a few things, do it well and try, at the same time, not to bore. With a little practice it should come easy!

    Finally, pay attention to don't forget the tags, which work like the hashtags of Instagram or other social networks: use a few and try to create the right mix between those generic and those specific.

    How to advertise YouTube videos

    What to do now? Obviously, you have to advertise the video on other social platforms. You will definitely have one Facebook account or a profile on Instagram. And what about Twitter? Try to take advantage of all the means you have at your disposal to bring views to your content.

    Each strategy is personal, but examples may be useful for you. Let's say you wanted to advertise one song: why not publish it in pieces between Instagram stories? At some point, you might create a story with by inserting a swipe up which refers to the YouTube video you made: those who liked the song will not wait to hear it in its entirety.

    You can try to promote the video, or the entire channel, through the link in bio: I'll explain how to do it in this guide. What do you say create a short trailer, or a movie showing the backstage with excerpts from the song in the background? I could go on forever, but it is very important that you find the way!

    I can only remind you of the importance of collaboration: you have a friend youtuber o influencer? Why don't you try contacting him for one live together? Of course, make sure his audience is more or less the same, otherwise it wouldn't make sense!

    Increase paid views

    If you want increase paid views because maybe you have savings to invest, you can focus on other strategies and not just on the advice I have given you so far.

    The methods I recommend are mainly two: contact an influencer or use YouTube Ads. I would advise against you right away, however, all the paid services that you find on the net, because, in general, they consist ofbuying bots that only increase virtually visualizations, therefore, in the long run, are useless.

    Let's start with the first of the methods I suggested to you, that is contact an influencer. How to choose it? Well, consider that the theme of his channel should be akin to that of your videos. Search YouTube for the topics you talk about and find out what they are the most followed channels and with some good ones interactions. Found the influencer, contact him at his email for collaborations which, in general, you should find on YouTube or on its social profiles.

    We come now to YouTube Ads, the YouTube advertising service: in this case, the ads could be very useful, because you can customize them in detail, so that they reach the best audience for your content. I told you about it in this guide that will help you take advantage of the service for your investments.

    Whatever your choices, consider the partnership with third party companies. In summary, these are external networks that act as intermediaries with YouTube and that, in exchange for a small percentage of advertising revenues, provide support at various levels, including for the increase of views.

    To find the most suitable network for you, you can search for the services used by youtubers through the platform SocialBlade (to be taken only as a general reference and not as a "gold standard"). On the home page, just type the name of a youtuber in the bar located at the top right and click on the button Search. Alternatively, you can consult various rankings, for example those on the best channels, youtuber and more, the so-called Top Lists, by clicking on the homonymous item that you find in the menu bar at the top.

    How to make money with YouTube channel

    How do you say? You are looking for more precise information on how to make money with the YouTube channel? Let me tell you what to do, even if what I have explained so far is also valid for the channel and not just the single video.

    First of all, curating a YouTube channel means taking care of your own image: what I recommend, therefore, is make it clear who you are, inserting the right photos, filling in detail all fields, and, more generally, of Not leaving anything to chance; in short, if you do not communicate your identity well, you will never be successful and it does not even make sense to study more sophisticated strategies on how to make money from youtube.

    In this regard, I advise you to create a trailer for the channel right away: linked to YouTube Studio and access the section Customization that you find in the bar on the left; at this point, in the section Channel trailer for unsubscribed users, click on the item ADD on the right and select the video to put in the foreground. It is not something to be underestimated: if done right, the trailer allows you to reach your audience quickly and effectively!

    Remember to schedule content: do not think that subscribers wait who knows how long, because youtubers, or aspiring ones, are many and users tend to forget those who do not stand out in some way. Therefore, I recommend that you first create a lot of content, and then schedule it for distribution in the following weeks.

    Also try to be tidy and groups the contents who talk about the same topic in playlist: this, on the one hand, allows you to give a clean and professional image of all your work; on the other hand, to direct the user and keep him on the channel, since in a playlist he will find not only one but more topics of interest to him.

    Somehow, finally, always keep subscribers updated to make them feel part of a big family. For this reason, I also recommend you to check that you have answered all their questions, as far as possible, it is understood and not to limit yourself to superficial answers: this would mean underestimating the importance of the relationship with your supporters. If you have other intentions, you should avoid wasting time with tips and strategies on how to make money with youtube and change your goal!

    How to make money with YouTube

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