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    How to grow on YouTube fast

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    Make interesting videos

    Make interesting videos it is the foundation from which you must necessarily start if you want to build a good following on YouTube. Since this is effectively an entertainment platform, having the ability to entertain other people with topics that interest them is very important.

    How can you make interesting videos? Well, first of all try to understand what are the topics that interest users: you can do this by analyzing your target audience (more on this later) and looking on Google Trends for the trending topics at a given moment (in this other one). guide I explained to you how to use the tool in question).

    Once you have identified the theme from which to start to make the video, try to use a colloquial language, not too formal or "plastered". Instead of writing to you word for word what you need to say during the video (which would make you seem unnatural and overly precise), use a mindset or script that is as simple and essential as possible. Getting used to working like this will give a big boost to your youtuber career!

    Focus on quality

    Compared to a few years ago, growing quickly on YouTube has become more difficult, as many sectors are now saturated with content and channels with a good following. Here because focus on quality it has become important: at the "dawn" of YouTube even the less "combed" videos could achieve good success and become viral, but today this rarely happens and that is why we need to invest time and resources to improve the quality of the published videos.

    How can you improve the quality of the videos you post on your channel? Try to take care of every detail: Take the time to choose the script and the location where you will shoot each video, the lights, the audio quality, the editing, the metrics, the timing and so on.

    To make quality videos, you must also have theright equipment. It is useless to go around it: to shoot quality videos, you need quality devices. As for the shooting of the clips, I advise you to equip yourself with a professional video camera and / or a camera phone (i.e. a smartphone with a good camera). In addition to this, also have a good microphone (the audio of the videos is as important as the clips themselves) and any "extra" accessories to use if necessary (eg action cams, tripods, gimbals, soft-boxes, etc. ).

    As for the editing and post-production of the clips you are going to shoot, then, adopt some professional video editing program (eg. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut e Sony VEGAS Pro) and / or some free alternative (eg. AvidemuxiMovie, etc.) and possibly also the YouTube editing tools.

    Identify the target audience

    Identify the target audience it can be a major turning point for your YouTube channel. Reflecting carefully on the people you intend to reach with your content, in fact, will be of great help both to understand which issues to address but, above all, how to deal with them.
    In reality, you should already have the audience you want to target (in fact you should have already thought about it when you created the channel), so you shouldn't have any particular difficulty in understanding who the users you are targeting are. By virtue of this, it creates formats that take into account the age, needs and interests of the members (including future ones).
    In this way, you will be able to leave a positive mark on the viewers of your channel and you will have a better chance of retaining them and building an interested following for the videos you make regularly. After all, this is exactly the result you are aiming for, right?

    Get inspiration from popular YouTube channels

    Are you short of ideas and would you like to find inspiration to create new contents and formats? Would you like to learn from the most followed youtubers on Google's video-sharing platform? In this case, what might help you is get inspiration from popular YouTube channels.

    Clearly, do not confuse "drawing inspiration" with "copying" the ideas and contents of others: this would be counterproductive not only because it would be unoriginal and incorrect, but because you could risk violating the conditions of use of the service. What I'm telling you to do, quite simply, is learn a few "tricks of the trade" from someone who has been making YouTube videos for longer than you. OK?

    Advertise the channel on other platforms

    You are very followed on FacebookInstagram, TikTok, Twitter and other social networks? If so, you can play this "card" to your advantage and advertise the channel on these other platforms and speed up the growth process of the latter. A relatively easy way to increase video subscribers and views, isn't it?

    How do you say? Are you not very popular even on the aforementioned platforms? Well, try to fix it now and find out how to be followed on Facebook, how to become famous on Instagram, how to become famous on TikTok, how to increase followers on Twitter and, more generally, how to become famous on social networks, consult the guides that I just linked you and do not give up the possibility offered by these platforms to promote your channel. Understood?

    Do live

    Another thing I recommend you do to increase your chances of growth on YouTube is do some live shows. Thanks to live videos, in fact, you can interact directly with your audience and take the opportunity to ask viewers to say which topics they would like to see on the channel and if they have any advice to give you about your business.

    I also advise you to take advantage of live videos to create more "spontaneous" and less "constructed" content, perhaps showing some "behind the scenes" of your youtuber activity. By doing this, you can create a "direct link" with the YouTube community which, over time, could lead to many new subscribers.

    If you want to get more information about how to do live on YouTube, you already know what to do: consult the in-depth study that I have just linked to you. It will certainly be useful to you, especially if you are not very familiar with YouTube streams.

    Making collaborations

    Making collaborations with other youtubers (especially those who have a larger following than yours), it can be a smart way to advertise your channel. Therefore, identify youtubers that revolve around your world and the themes you deal with and propose them to collaborate together to create videos to be published on the channels of both to advertise the contents in a reciprocal way.

    To do things right, I recommend that you send an e-mail to the youtubers you would like to collaborate with (you should be able to retrieve this contact information in the information of the latter channel) where you indicate the object of the collaboration, the conditions and so on. If one of them accepts, good for you: the subscribers of the youtuber channel you collaborate with could also subscribe to yours, if you manage to attract their attention.

    Other useful tips for growing fast on YouTube

    I conclude this guide with a series of other useful tips for growing fast on YouTube. I hope these additional tips will be useful to you as well.

    • Curate the graphics of the channel - set a profile photo and a cover photo that are beautiful from a graphic point of view and that immediately describe the topics covered in the videos. It also curates video thumbnails, so as to intrigue users and encourage them to watch videos and subscribe to the channel.
    • Tidy up the channel - if the videos of your channel are sorted in well-organized playlists, you will make the contents present in it more easily available and this order will not go unnoticed by your current and future subscribers.
    • Index videos - It is not enough to create interesting contents, you must also know how to index them properly using captivating titles, which contain the main keyword concerning the topic covered in the videos (but obviously without resorting to clickbait!). Also, insert appropriate tags, so as to further improve the indexing of content on YouTube and get (at least potentially) more views and subscribers.
    How to grow on YouTube fast

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