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    How to get more subscribers on YouTube for free

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    Focus on quality

    Focus on quality it is the base from which you have to start if you want to get the attention of other people. Without quality, in fact, it would be impossible to get new subscribers, given the huge amount of content that is uploaded daily to Google's video sharing platform. What do I mean by quality video?

    First of all we must avoid gross technical errors during shooting or editing, such as overexposed or underexposed scenes, "dirty" audio, clips edited without following any logic, no color correction, etc. In the concept of quality, however, I would also put theidea behind the content itself: if it is an original idea, if the message that passes through the video is positive and in some way useful for the end user, that is certainly an indication of the good quality of your "final product", or the video.

    Clearly, to be able to make a quality video it is not enough to have the right idea: you must also have the right hardware and software equipment. As for shooting, I highly recommend the use of a professional video camera or, failing this, a camera phone. Also, consider purchasing some additional tools - tripods, gimbals, action cameras, etc. - to be used when needed to make well-made videos.

    On the software side, however, I recommend the use of professional editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro e Sony VEGAS Pro or some free software for video editing: there are also extremely valid ones in this field.

    Create new content regularly

    Focusing on quality is not enough: if you make a one-off video, albeit of excellent quality, you would hardly be able to get visibility on YouTube, and that is why you should strive to regularly create new content.

    I know, it is not easy to calibrate quality and quantity, but with a little organization you can certainly do it. Maybe you could set the goal of accomplishing 1 or 2 videos a week, maybe putting them online always on the same days and times, so as to fix a sort of "appointment" with the community, whose members will feel pushed to see what you have achieved.

    Promote the channel on other platforms

    You use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or other social platforms? In that case, I recommend that you promote the channel on the latter, especially if you already have a good following in terms of numbers.

    If you are not yet subscribed to any social network or if you are not very popular on these platforms, I suggest you fix it immediately. If you want to find useful ideas on how to become famous on social networks, so as to use them to advertise your YouTube channel, take a look at the guide I have dedicated to the topic.

    Identify your audience

    Another thing I recommend you do is identify your audience. Why should you do this? To understand what really interests the community that follows you or that could follow you from here on out. In reality you should have already identified your target audience before opening the YouTube channel ... however, if you have not done so, now analyze which is yours target.

    Think about it: what are actually the topics that interest the users you want to address? What age range could the people you intend to target fall into? How can you manage to reach them and positively affect them?

    By finding the answer to all these questions and comparing yourself with strong competitors on YouTube, you can understand exactly what formats and “niches of interest” they can really do for your channel; what content your subscribers really care about and so on.

    Making collaborations

    Making collaborations with other content creators can give your channel a nice twist and give it more exposure, especially if you do these collaborations with youtubers who have a larger following than yours.

    In choosing the creators to collaborate with, I suggest you make a list of those who, in one way or another, can add value to your channel and, therefore, deal with issues close to those you deal with in your videos. Therefore, avoid collaborating with the first one that happens.

    To make a request for collaboration with a youtuber, I recommend that you send an email to the latter (you should be able to find their address in the section Information of his channel), in which you explain who you are, what is the object of the collaboration, the conditions to be respected (for example the inclusion of links and references to your channel in the videos you will publish on his) and the potential benefits for both.

    If the other youtuber accepts, the users who are subscribed to his YouTube channel could take a look at yours too and, if they are interested in the videos you make, they could actually become your subscribers.

    Fare live

    Fare live su YouTube allows you to involve the public and make them participate in the life of the channel, perhaps asking viewers to provide ideas, suggestions, criticisms that could help improve its contents.

    Furthermore, live videos are a "fresh" and "spontaneous" type of content, which makes them easy to follow: by making some from time to time, you may be able to become a "friendly face" for the people who follow you and those who may decide to do so in the future, earning us in terms of visibility (and not a little).

    For more information on how to do live on YouTube, I suggest you take a look at the guide that I dedicated entirely to the subject, where I practically explain how to make a quality live broadcast. I hope it will be useful for you.

    Other useful tips

    I conclude the guide with other useful tips to get more subscribers on YouTube for free. These are suggestions that, together with the "tips" contained in the previous chapters, could contribute to the growth of your channel.

    • Invite viewers to subscribe to the channel - it may seem trivial as an advice, but in reality inviting viewers directly to subscribe to the channel (without being insistent), can be useful to increase the number of subscribers. Maybe you could encourage users to subscribe so as not to miss the videos you will publish in the future, using formulas such as “Do you want to stay updated on the next videos? Subscribe to the channel!" or “If you liked the video and haven't done it yet, subscribe to the channel!”.
    • Index your videos - the more people will see your videos, the more likely the number of subscribers will grow. That's why you should use the right titles and tags (helping you with keyword research with tools such as Google Trends), in order to increase views and, consequently, subscribers.
    • Interact with users - try to respond to user comments, especially those that raise questions and criticisms under your videos. Even if you probably won't be able to reply to everyone (especially as your channel grows in terms of views and subscribers), by making an effort to interact with other users, you can build loyalty in the community and encourage those who have not yet done so to follow you. on YouTube by subscribing to your channel.
    • Don't buy followers - the services and apps that promise to do it artificially, initially also work, but in the long run the results don't pay off. You have only "empty" numbers and you run the risk of receiving penalties from YouTube.
    How to get more subscribers on YouTube for free

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