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    How to comment on YouTube

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    Preliminary operation

    Before I can explain you in detail how to comment on youtube, it will be useful to know that to do this you need to have a channel on the famous Google video sharing and viewing platform.

    If you don't have one yet, connect to the YouTube site, click the button Log in at the top right and, on the screen Scegli an account, select yours Google account, then enter the password in the field Enter your password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in.

    If you've never created a Google account before, on the Scegli an account select the item Use an altro account e fai clic sull'opzione Create account. Now, enter your details in the fields Your name, Last name, Your email e Password e pulsing sul pulsating NEXT, then specify yours date of birth and yours sex and click on the button NEXT. Then affix the check marks required to accept the terms of service and the privacy policy and press the buttons Create account e Confirmation to create your Google account. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to create Google accounts.

    You are now ready to post a comment on YouTube. However, I have to make a further premise regarding the name displayed next to your comment. In fact, leaving a comment without first creating a YouTube channel, one will automatically be created using your name and your surname: if you want to use a different name, you must first create your YouTube channel.

    Then click on yours photo in alto a destra (or sull'icona dell 'little man if you have not yet customized your Google account), select the item My channel from the menu and, in the new open page, click on the option Use a company name or another type. Now, enter your channel name in the field Nome dell'account of the brand e pulsing sul pulsating Crea.

    Although in the future it is possible to change the name on YouTube as I explained to you in my in-depth guide, I suggest you take five minutes to carefully choose the name to associate with your channel.

    Comment on a video on YouTube

    It's possible comment on a video on YouTube both from smartphones and tablets and from computers. In the first case it is necessary to download the application of the famous Google video sharing service, available for Android and iOS devices.

    After downloading the YouTube app from your device's store, launch it and, if you have a device equipped with Android, tap on yours photo at the top right and make sure you are logged in with the Google account with which you intend to leave comments on YouTube. If not, tap yours photo, select the option Change account and choose the Google account of your interest from the list available on the screen Account (if the account of your interest is not visible, press the button + and add it).

    I invented a iPhone or iPad, fai tap sull'icona dell 'little man at the top right, press the button Log in and select theGoogle account associated with your YouTube channel to access. Now, regardless of the device in use, locate the video to comment and tap on its preview image to access the player and sharing tools.

    In the new screen that appears, scroll down until you find the section Post comments and tap on the text field Add a public comment. Then write your comment and press the icon ofpaper airplane to post your message.

    If before posting a comment you see the writing If you complete this action, you create a channel and agree to YouTube's terms of service, it means that you have not previously created a YouTube channel and, automatically, one will be created with your name and surname.

    You must know that, in addition to being able to leave a message, you can also reply to other comments under the video of your interest. To proceed, locate the message you want to reply to, tap on the icon speech bubble, enter your comment in the field Add a public response and presses the icon ofpaper airplane to post the answer.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to leave a comment from your computer, connect to the main YouTube page and, if you haven't already done so, log in to your account. Then click on the button Log in at the top right, select yours Google account, enter the Password e pulsing sul pulsating NEXT.

    Now, search for the video of your interest via the field Search at the top and, once located, click on its preview image to access his player. On the newly opened page, locate the section Post comments , enter your message in the field Add a public comment e pulsing sul pulsating comments to post the message.

    If you want to leave a reply comment to another user who has previously commented on the video, click on the entry Reply related to the comment of your interest, enter your message in the field Add a public response presses the button Reply And that's it.

    If under a video you see the entry Comments are disabled for this video, I'm sorry but the author has disabled the possibility of leaving comments and therefore you cannot express your opinion on the movie you are watching.

    Comment a live on YouTube

    If you are wondering if it is possible comment on a live on YouTube, the answer is affirmative, provided that the author of the live broadcast has not disabled the possibility of doing so and that you have already created your own channel on the famous Google platform.

    To leave a comment on a live broadcast on YouTube from smartphones and tablets, access the live broadcast of your interest, tap on the item Chat publicly like and enter your message in the appropriate field, then tap on thepaper airplane And that's it. If you do not see the field to write the message, it means that comments have been disabled for the live broadcast in question.

    If you prefer to comment on a live on YouTube from your computer, locate the live stream and click on its preview image to start playback. In the newly opened page, you can view the box Main messages present on the right: enter, then, your comment in the field write something and click on thepaper airplane to send the message.

    If, on the other hand, you see the message Chat is disabled for this live stream means the author of the broadcast has disabled comments and it is not possible to leave a message.

    Comment on a YouTube channel

    Perhaps not everyone knows that using a computer is also possible comment on a YouTube channel if the owner has activated the function Discussion.

    To proceed, connect to the page of the YouTube channel of your interest and click on the item Discussion present in the main menu. On the newly opened page, enter your message in the field Add a public comment e pulsing sul pulsating comments.

    Again, you can reply to previous comments by clicking on the option Reply and entering your reply message in the field Add a public response.

    Edit or delete a comment

    If you have second thoughts, you can edit or delete a comment on YouTube at any time. The procedure is identical both from a computer and from a smartphone and tablet.

    To edit your comment posted on a video or on a channel page, press the icon of three dots related to your comment and select the option Modification, then edit your message and press the button Save or the icon ofpaper airplane if you are using the YouTube application.

    To remove a comment, on the other hand, presses the icon of three dots, select the option Delete from the menu that appears and presses the button Delete to confirm your intention.

    If, on the other hand, you want to edit a comment posted during a live on YouTube, you should know that it is not possible. In this case you can only delete it and rewrite a new comment. To remove a comment in a live chat, click on the icon three dots present next to your message and select the option Remove. If you are using the YouTube app, tap the message to be canceled and presses on the item Remove.

    How to comment on YouTube

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