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    How to become famous on YouTube

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    How to open a YouTube channel

    To become famous on YouTube you must first open your channel on the well-known video sharing platform. Registration is required in order to publish videos on YouTube free to the service, which takes place using a Google account.

    If you do not have the aforementioned account, you will need to register for it for free, thus being able to use all the other services of the Mountain View company.

    Do you need to register for a Google account but you are not sure how to proceed? So I advise you to read my guide dedicated to the topic, so that you can have step-by-step directions.

    If you already have a Google account, follow my instructions below to find out how to open a channel on YouTube.

    The first thing you need to do is to connect to the home page of the YouTube website. Then open the browser you use to browse the Internet and type in the address bar. Then press the button sending on the keyboard to confirm.

    Once you see the main YouTube screen, press the button Log in that you find at the top right. At this point you will need to log in to YouTube using your previously registered Google account. Then type email address (o telephone number), tap on NEXT, enter the password and press the button again NEXT.

    Once logged in, your YouTube channel will be automatically created. To customize it in every aspect, click on the icon with the initial of your name which is present in the top bar of YouTube (near the bell symbol) and then, from the drop-down menu, click on the item My channel to access your YouTube channel and start customizing it graphically.

    How to become famous on YouTube

    As I told you at the opening of this tutorial, becoming famous on YouTube is a difficult undertaking, but not impossible. If you would like to pursue this "career" as a videomaker know that, realistically speaking, this path to success could be long and difficult.

    It is not at all my intention to hinder you, on the contrary, I want to encourage you by giving you some general advice that can help you in your journey as a Youtuber.

    Find the topic of the videos

    The first tip I want to give you is about the basics of opening a channel on YouTube. Before starting the production of videos, you will need to have a clear idea of ​​the topic covered in these.

    Do you have a passion you want to talk about or a particular talent you want to show others? You can certainly use what you know best or what you think you're good at, but try to be original in proposing it.

    This applies especially in the case of videos with themes that already present strong competition. For example, if your passion is make-up and you would like to make make-up videos (video of which YouTube is saturated), try to propose this idea from a different point of view. For example, invent a new style to propose this type of video; in this way you will stand out considerably in case of strong competition.

    Passion is important but originality matters more. Before making videos, study the videos of the most popular cittàn and foreign Yotube channels and try to identify a completely new and original topic to use as the subject for your videos. If you know English well you can also think about studying the most popular foreign videos in search of interesting videos to propose in the city. On YouTube it is not the first time that someone has made an cittàn transposition of a foreign format: it could be an interesting idea, if you know how to exploit it.

    Once you have identified the topic to talk about, focus on it and make videos all related to the same theme: your fans will sign up because they are interested in the topic, therefore it makes no sense to make poly-thematic videos. This doesn't mean you can't make variations on the subject, but try not to completely detach yourself from the main idea of ​​your YouTube channel.

    Identify the audience to target

    Once you have established the key topic of the videos to post on your YouTube channel, you need to think about the audience you want to target.

    This analysis is very important because it will allow you to better understand the language to use for your videos. Analyzing the audience you want to target means making mentally (or even in writing) a sort of identikit of the people who might be interested in your videos.

    Through this analysis you have to define the age range and gender of your potential audience, in order to better understand what their habits and interests are. Ask yourself questions like "How old is the potential audience of my video?", "What are your passions", "On YouTube, what kind of video would you like to see?", "What types of videos would you like to share?", " What are your needs? And how could I satisfy them? "

    If you feel that this information is difficult to find independently, you can think of comparing yourself with friends and relatives with the same passion as you. Alternatively, you can also conduct a survey to conduct such a survey. At the link I provided you will find a guide I have made on the subject. This is a tutorial that will explain step by step which are the best tools to create an online survey completely free.

    Pay attention to the language

    On a practical level, when you are in front of the camera to record your videos, try to build a character, so that you can stand out and stand out from the competition.

    Mind you: most of the famous YouTubers stand out for their videos in which they speak to the audience with a very fluid and free gab. Each of them also has a distinctive trait and this is what makes his character remembered.

    You too, like them, can create a character that has a completely unique style: for example, you can invent recurring phrases to say on certain occasions, jokes or gestures. This is a very important step so take the time to put all your creativity into practice. You will see that originality will certainly be appreciated.

    Make quality videos

    Another thing not to be underestimated is the commitment that you will have to apply for the practical realization of your videos at the level of screenwriting, direction and video editing. Obviously, no one asks you to achieve film producer quality, but movies that stand out for their quality will certainly bring you popularity.

    If you want to become famous on YouTube you have to make high definition videos that also stand out for the high quality of the editing. If you already have skills related to video editing you will know that there are professional software that can help you do this job (Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut, for example).

    In case you are new to video editing, I recommend reading my guide dedicated to free editing programs. You can start practicing with free software that is easier to use and only later invest in the purchase of professional software and equipment.

    If you feel you are not very familiar with video editing software you can also think about attending training courses related to this topic. Furthermore, given the popularity of YouTube as a video sharing platform, training courses to become YouTuber are increasingly frequent. Try to inquire to see if such courses are organized in your city.

    Promote the channel through social networks

    Don't forget to interact with your audience and try to invite them to interaction and discussion. Publish your videos on the most popular social networks; you can also think about creating a Facebook page. Be patient and persevere to achieve your result: you don't become famous on YouTube in a day; try to be realistic and keep in mind that it may take years of hard work to be successful.

    How to become famous on YouTube

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